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Блок выходов IO-Link 64 для пневмоострова EB 80

The EB 80 family gets further expanded by the introduction of the new IO-Link 64 Output interface.

EB80 is already available in the version with IO-Link connection. However, the version currently in the catalogue (code 02282E0IO - which will be anyway maintained) allows to deal with up to 32 input and 32 output signals, including the signal modules.

Considering the peculiarity of the IO-Link system, we have therefore chosen to add also a second type of IO-Link connection (code 02282E0LK) which deals with valves only (up to 64 solenoid pilots - for example up to 32 bistable valves or 64 monostable valves), but without the possibility to operate signal modules, neither input nor output. This connection, precisely called 64 OUT (where OUT stands for the controls to solenoid pilots), has optimized electronics and a mechanical structure consisting of a single aluminum shell.

Also for this type of connection it is possible to take advantage of all the flexibility of the EB80 system (additional islands included, without signal modules too); while with this connection the version without valves (version called "electric") loses sense.

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