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Proportional precision pressure regulator SYNTRONIC Series

Proportional precision pressure regulator SYNTRONIC Series

The range of Metal Work Proportional precision pressure regulators now includes a new device: SYNTRONIC. The SYNTRONIC Series is characterized by the main body, made of technopolymer, which mounts interchangeable 1/8", 1/4" and 3/8" bushings. It allows the achievement of a high flow rate in regulation (up to 2,800 Nl/min with 3/8" bushings).

The electronic part - completely new - is contained in a protective technopolymer casing, just as is the easy-to-read 3-digit type display.

Syntronic can be controlled remotely via a cable connection and M12x1 connector accepting commands in Volts or mA.

The central part, made of aluminium, contains two rolling diaphragms which allow a high flow rate and excellent dynamic behaviour, thanks to the reduction of friction.
Also for Syntronic the downstream pressure is relieved when the upstream pressure is set to zero; this allows, for example, to place the regulator between a valve and a cylinder because the air can flow in both directions: towards the cylinder with regulated pressure and back to the relieving valve.

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