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ISO 15552 Cylinders Series MCR (Medium Corrosion Resistance)

ISO 15552 Cylinders Series MCR (Medium Corrosion Resistance)

From the point of view of corrosion resistance, Metal Work currently offers three types of cylinders:

However, there are also intermediate applications, in which the cylinders are exposed to particular environments which can reduce the life of the surface treatments normally used for cylinder heads and screws; this is the case, for example, of outdoor applications, where UV rays, bad weather and sometimes chemical agents damage the painting of the heads and the galvanization of the screws.

For these applications Metal Work has developed the Cylinders Series MCR (Medium Corrosion Resistance), equipped with anodized heads, clamping screws protected with chemical nickel plating and stainless steel cushioning pin.

The MCR cylinders, manufactured according to the ISO 15552 standard, are available with STD Series or Series 3 liner, chromed and ground stainless steel rod and are equipped with the main seals provided for the standard ISO 15552 cylinders.

Both the accessories normally provided for standard ISO 15552 cylinders and those dedicated to the HCR Series can be used.

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